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What our clients have said...

12/26/2016 - Laura Fletcher:

Jon's team is always professional, friendly and does great work. We were very happy with the work that they did and would call them again.

11/21/2016 - Melissa Loscheider:

A contractor was to show up at 7 am but he was at our house by 6:45. He was ready to work, happy with the materials I had picked up from the hardware store, and went right to it. He pulled off all the siding on that part of the house (about 6' high), put up the backing board, reattached it, and applied caulk where it joined the roofline. He was done in about 3 hours. Our coupon was for 4 hours of work, which was the initial estimate but I didn't have anything else for him to do - he was a siding specialist and it showed in his efficiency and the quality of his work. Afterwards I inspected the job and it looked very good, much better than I could have done and in much less time. Every time we hire J.P. Frisch, we're reminded why we call the professionals to handle things like this.

10/31/2016 - Gail Frapolli:

It went very well. After discussing my to do list, he made a trip to Home Depot which didn't take long. He tightened most of my screens on the porch, fixed the pieces that needed fixing. Rehung the roman shade that another handyman service hung backwards. Plugged up those knot holes and recapped the posts on the smaller porch. I really liked his confidence, breadth of knowledge, usage of time, doing more than required (tightening screens) but needing to be done, ability to talk with me to assure we were in agreement with the projects. These were nagging problems that I was really pleased to get fixed.


The whole experience was excellent. The contractor assigned to do the work was knowledgeable about the materials and installation. New siding was installed without a problem, and the contractor corrected many faults in the original work. Even where siding was patched into existing work, the results were beyond expectations. The porch post repair went easily and smoothly with no damage to my existing trim. If not for the new treated post, you would not know any work had been done. Can't argue with skill and good workmanship. Best of all, total cost of work came in below estimate. Would definitely use this company again, and recommend them to anyone.

07/26/2016 - David Range:

Fantastic! The previous construction had a lot of errors when being built, but they managed to remedy the faults and build a beautiful set of stairs. Also worked very fast (less than 4 hours) giving them time to help me begin tiling my master bathroom. Do not hesitate to hire this company. The employees are courteous, professional, and more than competent.

07/20/2016 - Joseph Salacki:

He used his time so efficiently that he knocked out my list in no time.  He was organized, quick, and well equipped.  I just got the feeling that there was nothing around the house that he couldn't do.  My experience with Greg was two cuts above any other handyman experience.

03/14/2016 - Dianne Deck:

This company is the best. I have used them many times. They are professional, courteous, and reasonable. I trust them.

02/22/2016 – Cory Nardoni:

These guys are fantastic. We've used them multiple times. Great work quality and enjoyable to work with. We'll use them any time we've got a project we can't tackle ourselves. Highly recommended.

08/04/2015 – Nancy Swanson:

He arrived on time and was very professional and polite.  In less than four hours, he mounted a ceiling fan, replaced two outside water spigots and replaced a leaky water valve in the bathroom and replaced the flush mechanism in the basement toilet.  He checked all of his work and made sure it was right before he left.  This time included a run to the hardware store for parts.  It is so nice to have everything working properly again.  The deal was 4 hours of handyman work for $189 plus parts.  The parts came to $89.00.  Great job!

01/15/2015 – Barbara Orland:

Fantastic experience with this company.  My original inquiry was returned within an hour.  I needed the work done as quickly as possible, and the next morning at 7AM Adam arrived ready to go!  The work he did far exceeded expectations, and I would have no hesitations in calling this company again for handyman services.  Highly recommend!!!

11/07/2013 – Catherine Kennon:

They had to wait for a day without rain. Removed siding from rotten beams and corner post, built a support structure, replaced 2 beams and corner post. Then they replaced siding around beams and post, and caulked. The work took 3 men almost 2 days. I am extremely pleased with the process and price.

06/05/2013 – Catherine Westbrook:

Fantastic!  I had a long list of items that needed to be done and despite it being a VERY long day for both guys (11-12 hours), they stayed focused and completed everything!  The kitchen now looks great!  We had an issue with the delivery of my appliances and Jon offered to take care of some items that resolved my conflict with the delivery company.  Jon and John were extremely courteous and professional throughout the day and provided a high quality of service....even cleaning up thoroughly before leaving (and I'm certain they were exhausted).  I was very impressed!